Taiwanese Snack App

Night Markets are the most popular tourist destination in Taiwan for travelers. It has become famous worldwide because of the different Taiwanese snacks. For example, Stinky Tofu, Oyster Omelets and Bubble Tea are some of the must-try foods in Taiwan. However, if you haven’t learned any Chinese, how can you try out Taiwan’s various tasty snacks? In this section, we will help you to understand the signs you need to make traveling to night market fun. Learning vocabulary and the pronunciation of Taiwanese Snacks has never been this easy. Features* Over 500 words for use in a Taiwanese Night Market with English-Chinese descriptions.

* Provides a category search including Soup, Meat, Beverage, Dessert and so on.
* Provide pronunciation of the Chinese word. 
* Save your favorite snacks for later reference.
* Find the words you need quickly by searching keywords
* Link to Google Image Searh for enhaning vocabulary memory. Open iTunes to buy and download apps.



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